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Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR)









In addition to serving as a distinctive art and cultural space in Kaohsiung, Pier-2 is also a recreation area for the public, drawing huge crowds with its open and multi-purpose space.


The Pier-2 Art Center develops as an international art platform in Taiwan, focusing on avant-garde, experimental, and original artistic endeavors. Consisting of merely two warehouses in the beginning, it has now grown into an area with a total of 25 structures that are grouped into Dayong Warehouse, Penglai Warehouse, and Dayi Warehouse. Besides a variety of art exhibitions and performances, spaces are also utilized for experimental theater and small-scale popular music concerts as well as cultural development that Pier-2 actively invites the cultural and creative arts sector to participate in.


The Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) designates a section of Dayi Warehouse as the dedicated space for resident artists and artistic groups. A 33-square-meter creation space (complete with a bathroom) and a 17-square-meter attic for living space are available for artists to create artworks, which we hope will add vitality to Pier-2 and foster a platform for art and cultural exchanges and performances.

The residency plan must incorporate aspects of Kaohsiung's local culture, geographic environment, cultural landscape, social conditions, and other relevant issues. The artworks created accordingly should be exhibited by the end of the residency. All forms of artistic expression are acceptable.

PAIR LOGO 標準.png

At Pier-2, Collision is a Driving Force !
在駁二,碰撞是驅動力 !

The only art center that is most close to harbor in Taiwan.
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