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Theme for 2021 年度徵件主題
Ocean: The Dark Side 海之暗面

「駁二藝術特區藝術家進駐計畫」(Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program,以下簡稱PAIR)自2015年推動以降,歷經5年時光,從組織團隊、建立駐村機制,逐漸站穩自己腳步,同步推動國際交流、串聯社區及校園並加強公共藝術教育推廣等,我們期許自己、亦不斷思辨:駁二駐村之於駁二,乃至於這座城市的角色與功能為何。自2020年起,我們以“RePAIR”作為問題意識出發,期待透過每年的主題徵件,除了以藝術創作修補、修復─讓原本失靈的得以重新發揮作用,也側重“re-”作為再一次回看、重新思考,反思既定印象,對於社會關懷、在地研究、國際連結、駐村形式探索有更多元跨界的思考。





Since its inauguration in 2015, the Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (hereafter referred to as PAIR) has gradually established its operating team and artist-in-residence procedure, at the same time advancing international exchange, connecting the community and campus, and promoting public art education. We expect to do more and keep asking ourselves the question: What is the role and function of PAIR with regard to Pier-2 and Kaohsiung City? Therefore, starting from 2020, we proposed the concept of “RePAIR” as the problematic for the open call: art can repair malfunctions and restore, while “re-” also implies retrospection, rethinking and reflection on pre-established impressions. With the problematic, we hope to introduce more diverse and cross-disciplinary reflections on social concern, local research, international connection, and explorations of residency designs.

There exist various and complicated relationships between humankind and ocean, ranging from colonial powers, industrial structure, scientific research, ecosystem, to folk beliefs. This continuous project initiated in 2020 open call is accompanied by a journey of retrospection and realization, during which we found that humans and the ocean are not just separated by geographical or historical distance; there are also distances of ethnicity, cultures, interpersonal communication, and even psychological distance. We have profoundly realized our limited knowledge and understanding of the ocean. Especially in recent years, the world has witnessed a series of momentous events, including protests, natural and man-made disasters, and super viruses, which had deterred cruise ships from docking at ports, disrupted the widely-connected transportation network, and forced international, large-scale exhibitions and events to be suspended. Economic, trading, and political problems also show more signs of chaos and stagnation. The ocean is not just a vehicle of life and connection; it also holds darkness and unseen reality.

Darkness is like an admonition that instructs us to explore with vigor and to gradually understand and empathize with the seemingly unfathomable unknown. Therefore, for 2021, we propose “Ocean: The Dark Side” as the theme of the year, hoping to reconsider the infinite possibility of the ocean/port with regard to the city/art through artists’ participation and interaction. PAIR hopes to work with artists and together dive deep into the deep dark, to touch upon unknown oceanic agendas in more depth, and to know ourselves better during the process of research and art practice.

At Pier-2, Collision is a Driving Force !
在駁二,碰撞是驅動力 !


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