90 Days in PAIR   90 天駐村實錄


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藝術家駐村期間的創作計劃必須涉及年度海洋主題。 在高雄駐村90日期間,藝術家必須完成交流與合作計劃,例如:開放式工作室、藝術家座談、在地文史踏查之旅,於駐村結束前舉辦最終駐村成果發表。 除了完成駐村成果展,藝術家還需要策辦美學工作坊、學術交流、社區參與等教育計劃。

The creation plans during the artists  stay in Taiwan must involve annual topic of the ocean. During 90 days residence at Kaohsiung, PAIR artists are required to finish the communication and cooperation plan, join PAIR common event such open studio, artist talk, local historical tour etc. , then organize their final exhibition at Pier-2 Art Center. In addition to the final exhibition, artists are also required to organize the workshop, academic exchange, education programs, community empowerment, etc.


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