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PAIR位於駁二藝術特區的大義倉庫區,近六米高的老建築是大義倉庫的特色。 在大義區,PAIR有8間駐村藝術家工作室,每個工作室有33平方米的創作空間(包括一個浴室)做為藝術家創作使用,以及一個17平方米的閣樓,作為起居空間。

Pier-2 Artist in Residence Project (PAIR) locate at Dayi area of Pier-2 Art Center, the nearly six-meter height old buildings are the characteristics of Dayi Warehouses. In Dayi area, PAIR has 8 studios for the residency project,  every studio has 33-square-meter creation space (including a bathroom) and a 17-square-meter attic that will serve as a living space will be available here for resident artists to create artwork. 



藝術家工作室附近有一個交流空間。交流空間有2層樓, 一樓設有會議空間,根據不同使用需求具有多功能的設備,如講座,社交會堂,廚房,會議,洗衣房和餐具都包括在內。

There is a communication space near the artists’ studios. Communication space has 2 floors. There is a conference room on the 1st floor. It has different functions according to different requirements such as lectures, social hall, kitchen, meeting, laundry, and tableware are all included.



成果展出空間有2個不同的尺寸,一個約為45平方米 (C8-20),另一個約為60平方米 (C8-8)。

There are 2 different size space using for the final show, one in 45-square-meter (C8-20), the other one in 60-square-meter (C8-8).

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